In this article, I’ll introduce Dapr for building distributed applications. We’ll look at the different features offered, the components that can be utilized and finally, look at a working example that I built to summarize and consolidate the knowledge in this article.

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What is Dapr?

In this article, I talk about the CommunityBridge program and what I built as a Mentee for CoreDNS. This is the first article in a series where I’ll detail the thoughts and reasoning behind my choices while building my project.

The summer of 2020 was full of challenges. With the pandemic raging and everybody locked into their homes, staying productive and putting in long hours became really tricky for me. I was fortunate to have been accepted as a CommunityBridge Mentee by my mentors, Yong Tang and Paul Greenberg. The project I worked on helped me learn and better utilize…

In this article, I will be sharing my experience building a Flutter app with Azure. Starting from what Azure AD B2C is, I’ll show how to connect our tenant with an Android app and exchange tokens.

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Last fall, I had an idea for a productivity app that I wished to bring to life. I had worked out the details of what the app should feature, how the back-end should be designed and played around with mock-ups.

It struck me that there could be no better platform to demonstrate this idea than the Imagine Cup by Microsoft which was just around…

In this article, I aim to provide you with an idea of the different components of the programming world, the choices that you should make and also why it’s necessary that you start now.

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As a consequence of my outgoing character, I’ve talked extensively with people starting out in the technology and coding sphere. The most recurrent stories that I’ve discovered:
I’ve no idea where to begin. How do I start?”
“What language should I learn first?”
“Should I study Machine Learning now?”

…with life

I’ll talk in detail about the first two scenarios; the answer to the third is…

In this article, I’ll use a simple app to demonstrate building an UI that can change without requiring a complete rebuilding of all widgets on the screen.

In the app demo below, the Floating Action Button (FAB) displays the value of a counter variable initialized to zero before the build is called for the first time.

With every double tap on a card, the value of the variable is incremented by one but it doesn’t reflect on the FAB, verifying that the UI has not been rebuilt. …

Crio Summer Of Doing is one month of intense job-like experience that will teach you to be independent in all the work you do while at the same time help you immensely with your community building skills. Pro-tip: It’s all about patience, passion and perseverance.

The objective of this mission is to learn by practice and research. Each CSoDian worked to build a scalable, distributed backend system for a dummy food ordering app, QEats.

My Crio journey started officially on May 27th, however, the reading material pertaining to the tools we were going to employ during our “Micro-Experience” was shared…

In this article, I’ll give a detailed account of my experience of building an app for a development hackathon with just two days of work. I will talk about the choices I made, the tools I employed and all the catching practice I indulged in(pj, I know).

page for the SQL version


For a framework, I chose Flutter to be my “companion”. Many of you will reprimand me for not going with React instead and the rest of you are knowledgeable enough.

I chose Firebase as the back-end to my app, for no particular reason; Azure and AWS have good alternatives as well. Later, I also added an SQLite database to a second version of the app (more on that later). I used Google’s Material Design guidelines to shape the UI for the app while taking some bits from the iOS side as well (example, for the custom tab bar).

For an…


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